MEAT CLUB MEMBERS GET ACCESS TO OUR HERD OF GRASS-FINISHED AMISH BEEF AND PASTURED PORK AT WHOLESALE PRICES. The "MEAT ON DEMAND" model, provides all the advantages of a CSA, without all of the surprises of a monthly mystery box. Order only what you want and get it delivered when you want... all at wholesale prices.

1lb of American Pride Amish Grassfed and Grassfinished Angus Beef. This beef has never known grain, hormones or genetically modified feed. It was raised by the Amish who spend their lives learning and stewarding the land. It is the true gold standard of American beef.


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Check these recipes for Ground beef: 


Beef Stroganoff

The Good Frank Taco Seasoning

Amish, Grass-Fed Black Angus Ground Beef.

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